You can send us suitable objects for our auctions at any time. The procedure is that simple:

First send to us a short message with the exact dispatch date and the approximate estimated value. One or two days later you can dispatch your goods as follows:
  • Up to Euro 500,00 € estimated value: By registered letter.
  • Up to Euro 2500,00 € estimated value: By parcel or express.
  • Up to Euro 25.000,00 € estimated value: By parcel with "silent" insurance.
If you wish to send us objects from within the EU or other foreign countries, please contact us prior to sending any object! Our staff can handle requests in English, French and Spanish. Please do not send any object via parcel service.

As long as you have submitted accompanying listings, the delivery is fully covered by our personal liability insurance.

A personal visit by us for the collection of larger objects can be arranged.

Your valuables of course remain here within the best of companies, and please remember that our luxurious auction catalogue (approximately 10000 copies, one of the highest numbers worldwide) is delivered to collectors free of charge. Possibly unsold lots are, after the auction, offered once again on the back lot list, thus doubling their chance of being sold.

We maintain a high level of security standards. Steel safes and modern alarm systems protect the treasures from throughout the world.

Order for auction